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Helping organisations better accommodate for & tap into diverse life experiences; making engagement more personal & belonging more rewarding.
Ready to make it personal?
Are you a business, non-profit or association operating in Australia? Are you reflecting on the diversity of your employees, participants, members, customers, stakeholdersWould like to create a welcoming environment, extend your reach, raise awareness and improve relationships? Through workshops and coaching; we create a safe space to talk, play, exchange and think together - about practical methods to increase accessibility, enhance experience and propagate a culture of trust and belonging in the workplace.
Three offerings featuring a unique mix of reflective moments, practical insights and a point of connection
01 : Engaging diverse perspectives

Australia is more diverse than ever, how effectively can you connect with all walks of life? 
Perspective taking is a powerful tool that helps understand where someone is coming from & what is important to them; helping better negotiate an offering, spot untapped opportunities, predict blockers; all while leaving a more personal impression by honouring their perspective.

02 : Effective Positioning

Can you communicate the quality and credibility of your offering without titles, certificates and accolades?
Product features, value and credibility fall flat if they are not positioned within a relatable context accessible and verifiable by your audience. Project credibility and maintain consistency across cultures and demographics by positioning your unique offering within your customers story.
03 : Inclusivity for innovation

Are you getting the most of your diverse team? 
A culturally safe organisation is one built on a tangible foundation of trust, accommodating for thinkers and feelers; encouraging diverse talents to tap into their unique life experiences and intuitions without structure and hierarchy stifling good ideas and lateral thinking. Increase feeling of belonging, while minimising blind posts, improving physiological safety, performance, staff retention and overall organisational reputation.
Non-intrusive, Discrete
Personal expression & identity can be sensitive topics - participation in the workshop is non-intrusive & discreet, offering value at any engagement level.
Familiar space
There is no one size fits all when it comes to cultural topics, instead we focus on activities & insights that cultivate a sensitivity, curiosity & confidence to engage with cultural issues. A yarning circle creates a familiar & welcoming space while h&s on activities, pull us away from our screens. Simple English & culturally accessible insights facilitate participation from diverse ages & cultural literacy levels. 

Example artwork with key

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Industry considered.   
The workshop was developed alongside key industry partners in healthcare, human resources, arts & culture, communication design and PR. The workshop & coaching can be tailored to respond to specific diversity, inclusion & accessibility objectives. The intuitive storytelling frameworks & insights can also be accessed through a consultation to address specific cross cultural communication objectives.
The workshop can also be delivered online for remote teams. Please contact for more information about delivery options.
Earned Merch
Merch can be earned at the workshop.
About the creator

Mustafa has over fifteen years experience designing rich personal consumer experiences & facilitating creative company cultures with Apple, IKEA, Etihad Airlines & Google. Born in Iraq, lived across the globe and settled in Perth, Mustafa learnt to surf the tensions and reap the benefits of intersectionality. Leveraging the power of metaphoric storytelling for cross cultural communication, Mustafa created numerous award winning short films, theatre performances and artworks. For the past 12 years I offered content (design and video) for education, communication agencies and the arts.This workshop is a culmination of my skills and experiences as a first generation migrant Australian, storyteller and creative leader.
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