In Australia, we celebrate our vivid diversity as a hallmark of our identity. It gives us an insightful edge towards global issues while creating potential for innovative solutions and electrifying encounters.
Our diversity is observable through our varied physical appearances, languages, art, food, customs and geographies.This diversity is also reflected in our diverse values and frames of reference.
Our frames of reference are tied to our survival helping us orient ourselves in our time and place while outlining where to be consistent and which opportunities to exploit. They also directly inform our reputation, etiquette, aspirations, motivations, taboos and most decisively; problem solving and manoeuvrability in uncertainty.
When our frame of reference is unrecognized, reduced, overridden or deliberately omitted, we feel threatened and isolated which can contribute to hostility, mistrust, lack of cooperation or even permanent reputational damage.
To better leverage the diversity we are envied for and harness the rich life experiences and problem solving skills within our borders, we must first learn to align our frames of reference transparently. This helps manage expectations, recognise consistency, defend reputation and spot opportunities.
This urgent need for a diplomatic space that encourages symmetrical alignment away from the esoteric, to effectively communicate, collaborate and provide service and care, is the motivation behind The Australian Next Door
The Australian Next Door is a unique offering of reflective moments, practical insights and a point of connection.Through intuitive storytelling activities participants are invited to reflect on, contextualise and articulate their frames of reference dynamically and within their discretion. The insights and frameworks used in the workshop are also accessible in a consultation targeting specific business cross-cultural needs and diversity objectives.